How we met…

Once upon a time during Memorial day weekend, Chris was invited to a paintball event with a mutual friend in Long Island where he first laid his eyes on Jen.  He thought she was really cute but was suspicious about the other 3 guys who were with her. One of them could be her boyfriend.  They were split  into 2 teams.  Chris decided to be on Jen’s team because he didn’t want to shoot at her.

The game was on and paintballs were flying from all directions.  Chris got a close encounter with one of Jen’s guy friend and he peppered him multiple times on his body.  Having been in the service, Chris was very trigger happy.  The guy dropped screaming and Jen didn’t come to check on him.  That’s one sign that he’s wasn’t that close to Jen.  Chris then moved to his next target to continue the process of elimination.

There were breaks in between each game.  During one of the breaks Chris decided to cool himself off next to big fan with his shirt up.  That’s when out of the corner of

his eyes, he noticed Jen checking him out.  Jen looked away as soon as their eyes met.  It felt like high school again.

Unfortunately, Chris didn’t ask for her number after paintball.  As soon as he got home, he spent hours scouring Facebook to find her.  Finally, he was lucky enough to locate her and she had her email listed.  Chris emails her and that’s how their love story began.

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