The proposal

On April 21st, 2011, Chris took half a day off to start setting the apartment up for the proposal. He picked up a bunch of tea light candles and tall glass candles. The plan was to surprise Jen coming home after work and see the dark apartment with lit candle spelling out “Will you marry me?” on the floor. At the same time, Joe Cocker’s “You’re so beautiful” would be playing in the background. Then, he would show up and dance with her. After that, he would get down to one knee and propose.

Chris got dressed in his suit and started lighting up the candles and it looked really beautiful and magical. There was no way, Jen wouldn’t be melt with such a romantic gesture….or so he thought. While setting up the candles he realized that he didn’t have enough candles to make the question mark. So He wrote the question mark on a piece paper as the substitute. Quick thinker? Yes. Creative? Hardly. He proceeded to test the stereo and the song played fine. Everything was perfect.

Chris waited for about 20 minutes but Jen hadn’t come home yet so he went to the bathroom to touch up his hair. After a few minutes of vanity with his hair, he went out to the living room to find the floor where the candles were was on fire and the apartment was full of smoke. Similar to what Jackie Chan does in most of his movies, Chris panicked and started throwing everything he can find in his way to the fire. It was chaotic. Wax was all over him, specially his face. His hands were burned by the wax. Out of everything that could possibly go wrong, this is not one of the scenario Chris had in mind. He rushed to open all the windows to air out the smoke and sprayed the whole apartment with febreeze until the bottle was emptied. The floor was full of dried wax. This didn’t look like anything he had planned. Chris then got on his knees and scrapped the wax off the floor only to discover 3 scorch marks on the floor about the size of a foot each. Fear started to set in and his heart sank down next to his kidney.

Chris’s damage control engines started to work. He covered the marks with the laundry basket hoping that at least she might not freak out at the sight of it. He calls her but she wasn’t available so he texted her for a call back. She calls back about 30 minutes later saying that she went to yoga and she was heading home. Nervous and stuttering, he told her that he had something important to tell her but he would wait until she got home to break the news.

As soon as she gets home he gave her a big hug. Jen noticed the wax sprinkled all over his face and wondered what had happened. Chris started telling her that he missed her. Over his shoulder Jen was able to see the unlit candles in the back and asked what was going on. That was his cue to start the proposal before she broke his neck in half. Personal safety was paramount at this point.

He got down to one knee and started his proposal speech. She didn’t even let him finish his speech and started asking where the ring was. Chris showed her the ring and she said YES. Nevertheless, that YES didn’t ease his fears at all. He put the ring on her finger then said “Honey, there is something else I’d like to tell you”. He kicked the laundry basket to the side to reveal the scorch marks. She was surprised to see the floor burnt. Her eyes widened and Chris looks for the exit. She then looks at the ring. She repeats this process several times. Chris felt he was on a roller coaster. Jen finally says “Just get it fixed”. Phew!

They have been happily engaged ever since, except the floor still hasn’t been fixed yet. Any donations will be greatly appreciated =P.

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